How can I apply for a Reasonable Adjustment or Special Consideration for my learning with you?

Reasonable Adjustments and Special Consideration Policy

England Football Learning recognise that some learners will need an adjustment or special consideration to be made to support them to achieve a qualification or complete any learning with us. England Football Learning will make a reasonable adjustment to support the individual need of a learner whilst also ensuring the integrity of the qualification / learning offer. 


Reasonable Adjustments

A reasonable adjustment is a change to ensure a learner with additional needs can fully participate in the course. Anyone can ask for adjustments if they need them however to have legal rights to reasonable adjustments, you will need to be defined as ‘disabled’ under the Equality Act 2010. This usually means how your condition affects you, not what your condition is.

Examples of an adjustment include but are not limited to, a resource printed in a larger font, a BSL interpreter, receiving course material in advance or allowing extra time to complete an assessment activity. 

Special Consideration 

A special consideration is an adjustment to compensate a temporary situation that means a course could not be completed in the normal way, for example due to illness, injury or bereavement. You must apply for a special consideration at the earliest opportunity after it is realised special consideration will be needed.

Making an application

To request a reasonable adjustment or special consideration learners will need to complete this online form

Full information supporting the reasonable adjustment or special consideration application must be supplied with supporting evidence where possible. This must be supplied for a special consideration – e.g. a doctors note showing an illness. Failure to supply enough information or supporting evidence will cause a delay in the request being processed. Supporting evidence will need to be sent to us via email following completion to the form. 


Reasonable adjustment: applications should be made 35 days prior to the first day of your course for us to ensure your request is able to be fulfilled. Where a request is made with 35 days of the course start date England Football Learning will process your request but unfortunately cannot guarantee your request will be able to be fulfilled by day one of your course.

Special consideration: applications should be made at the earliest opportunity after it is realised special consideration will be needed.

You will receive an acknowledgment when you submit the form, plus if you submit any supporting evidence. You will receive the outcome of your request via email. Should we need any further information to process your request, you will be contacted by either telephone or email. 

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