I am receiving the message ‘course is unavailable to learners’ when trying to access my online learning – what should I do?

Some courses have a pre-requisite to be able to do them; if you don’t meet this you will receive the message ‘course is unavailable to learners’. 

Check that you have met the pre-requisite for the course you are trying to access. Also check that you are signing in with the correct FAN – the one that has the pre-requisite on. If you’ve created a new FAN it won’t have it on, or there’s a chance you’ve got more than one FAN and didn’t know. 

Contact us if you have checked both these things but still get the message (from the dropdown select 'FA Education - I need help with my online learning - I'm getting an error message - Course is unavailable to learners'. Please make sure you let us know which course you are trying to access (please include a screenshot and the website address) and the FAN and email address you are using to access the course.

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