I no longer have access to the email address linked to my FAN. How do I change it?

If you know the password linked to your FAN, please visit https://myaccount.thefa.com where you will be able to change your email address. 

To do this, click on 'Sign in using FAN' where you will be re-directed to login with your FAN and password. Once logged in, you will be able to change your email address. If you do not know your FAN, click on 'I don't know my FAN'.

You will then be asked to enter the required details, after which you will be shown part of the email address that you have registered which you can then use to login. 

If you do not know you password, click on Forgotten password. You will be sent an email to reset the password.

If you do not have access to that email address and cannot remember the password please DO NOT create a new FAN. Instead contact the My Account team (select PFF - My Account as the group)

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