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Introduction to Coaching Disabled Footballers learning is completely free so why don’t you get started now. 

There are 4 topics of learning involved in the Introduction to Coaching Disabled Footballers course.


1. Introduction

This topic will help you to:   

  • Develop a better understanding of disability and disability football.  
  • Understand The FA’s philosophy for disability football.  
  • Reflect on socially acceptable terminology.  
  • Support players to consider different pathways to meet their individual needs.



2. Good coaching practice

This topic will help you to:   


  • Recognise good coaching practice.   
  • Understand how good coaching practice aligns to The FA’s objectives.  
  • Understand the importance of getting to know your players.
  • Use STEP (Youth Sports Trust, 2002) and the AIM model to adapt your coaching practice to meet players' needs.


3. Considerations when coaching

This topic will help you to:   


  • Create a safe environment for the players you coach.
  • Develop a basic understanding of some common impairments you may come across.
  • Recognise the different formats of the game for each impairment group.
  • Understand who you’re working with and adapt your coaching to meet players’ needs.
  • Understand coaching considerations based on the impairment and format of the game.


4. Theory into practice

This topic will help you to:   


  • Apply coaching tips and ideas to support the inclusion of disabled footballers.
  • Manage behaviour and emotions when coaching football.
  • Build an inclusive, positive coaching environment.  

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