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I’m completing a project for my coaching qualification; what data protection issues do I need to consider?

  • Data not to include:

Our policy is that photos, names, club names, dates of birth and any other types of identifying personal data are not allowed to be shared, distributed or used during courses at any time.  

That includes face-to-face interactions, 1-to-1 support, group work in the classroom, online and for any part of the assessment tasks.

Your projects should also not be shared with course tutors via public-sharing websites. They should instead be locked down and shared as a PDF or PPT format only.

  • What you can include:

You should use Player A, Player B, etc instead of their names.  

Instead of birth dates, you can use seasonal quarters: 

    Q1: Sept-Nov 

    Q2: Dec-Feb 

    Q3: Mar-May 

    Q4: Jun-Aug 

And both can be used alongside the player’s position (if required).  

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