My child is under 16 and would like to complete The EE Playmaker by England Football course; how do I create a FAN Account for them or link their FAN to my FAN?

To be able to link an under 16’s FAN to your FAN you will need to log on to My Account using your email address and password. Scroll down to ‘Link Existing Junior’ or ‘Create New Junior Member’ and follow the prompts.

Once the Junior FAN has been created or linked, click on their name which will then take you to their profile. By selecting the pencil icon next to Email you can add their email address. Please note an email address can only be added to those aged at least 14, please ensure the email address is not linked to any other FAN.

The email address will then need verifying by going onto and selecting ‘Forgotten Password?’, enter the email address and a verification code will be sent to the email address. Enter the verification code and click Verify Code. Once the email address is verified, a password can be created. 

The learner can then enroll on The EE Playmaker by England Football Course

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