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I have completed a Safeguarding qualification from an external organisation. Can this be added to my FAN record?

The FA is unable to accept Safeguarding Children Training awarded by external agencies.

While The FA recognises and values the skills, prior knowledge and experience that many individuals possess, unfortunately there is no national framework to accredit other qualifications. Our own courses are quality assured and designed to be fit for football, we cannot guarantee the same from other courses. Most organisations require staff to take their own learning pathway about policy and procedure to ensure familiarity with issues that may arise, and football is no different.

The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop is football specific and covers our own internal reporting procedures and it is important for anyone with a role in football to know these. Recognising poor practice in football and knowing how it can be addressed among volunteers is also important. The Safeguarding Workshop covers all this and more.

For more information regarding The FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, please visit here.

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